Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcoming Notes

Today I welcome you to Forbidden Steam & Morbid Romantica.

This blog will be R rated -- For Adult Audiences Only!
I to am a naughty girl who likes to pick up the occasional trashy novel, erotica, bdsm, & paranormal romance.  Wait a minute, I should correct myself.  I admit is more the just on the occasion whim that these dirty books can be found in my hand with my eyes blazing from left to right to devour the delicious words about some dreamy fictional boyfriend.
I do believe fictional men are just so scrumptious; compared to what I have come across through my short life.
Ok, there is one exception: 

*prr* Yes, this man was too yummy that I couldn't stop looking at photos so you now have two dreamy photos of dear yummy Jake Gyllenhaal.

I've had the pleasure of meeting this one, randomly of course.  I was at the museum of art in DC buying a post card and when I turned around I seen that he was about to purchase the same card.  Of course, being little ol me I grinned and say this obvious statement.  He did some super awesome melt you heart grin and said.  Yes, it does appear to be so.  LOL!  I turned and walked back to work at the National Museum of the American Indian.  
(Reese Witherspoon is a cutie too!  They were together then.)

Rambling is not becoming of a lady so I will conclude.

  • This blog will not have regular postings but I will add link ups to my other book reviews.
  • This blog will have adult images on them - male and female.
  • This blog will make you drool!
  • This blog will be in need of Guests for special adult posts.
  • This blog is for me to release a bit of pent up... ah, lets say fictional boyfriend lust ;)
Please do enjoy and I would love any advice  you shall have for me!