Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steamy Thursday {1}

Time for Steamy Thursday

As a fan of Grey's Anatomy 

Thursday is mom's night of quiet!

Oh the boys know not to make a peep!

It also happens to be the only show I really really watch every week.

I'll post a few Grey's fan photos :)

& Steamy photos of whoever I find to be Dreamy!

Mc Steamy

A bit old but I would so drop my life for him!  

Darn!!  Eric come to me!!

I pick things up.
I put things down.

LOL!  Pick me up!

I wouldn't not lie.  
This guy made me like the second Fast & Furious!
Look at that chiseled bod!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Korean Muscles...

Korean Muscles...

Just for some diversity  :D


 Van Ness 

Oh Jong Hyuk 

Park Ji Heon 

Have fun licking the screen!

I know I did!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sexy Snippet from Tempest's Legacy

Sexy Snippets is a weekly MeMe hosted by Secrets of a Book Lover & Reading Between the Wines.  Grab the button, post a sexy paragraph or two from your current read and share the author & title so others can quickly add it to there Dirty Nookie TBR pile!!  Of course, add a linky so others can see the sexy tease!

This weeks Sexy Snippet is snagged from:

Tempest's Legacy (Jane True #3) 

By Nicole Peeler

Surprisingly there was only one bout of nookie in this book.

Which is weird considering the first two in the series was crammed with juicy snippets.

There is one spot that had me shaking my head and giggling at the same time.


Tempest's Legacy (Jane True #3)

So I responded instinctually.  I was, after all, in the arms of a man I wanted very, very badly to boff.  He had his arms around me.  I was right where I wanted to be... and then he shifted...

And then I shimmied.

My ass.

Into his crotch.

Don't get me wrong:  I didn't dry-hump him or start finding against him like some hoochie dancer in a rap video.  But I definitely shimmied my ass into his crotch.  Well, I'm so damned short and he's so damned tall I mostly just rubbed my buttocks on his knees, but whatever.  There was my ass, on him, and I thought I would die.

Anyan froze behind me, and all my blood rushed to my head.  I knew I was beet-red, and I honestly thought I would keel over from shame (or an aneurysm) when holy hell broke loose.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Morbid Romantica 2012 Coming Soon!

Morbid Romantica Challenge - 2012

This challenge is purely for Morbid Enjoyment!
*Who doesn't like a bit of Paranormal Romance in their reading?*
We will TRY to focus on one theme during the month.
However, you can cross off books for anything theme as you go.
Challenge is easy and will be fun!!

Lost Romantica - Read 1 Book from 18 themes = 12 Books
Crushing Romantica - Read 3 Books from 18 themes = 36 Books
Lusting After Romantica - Read 4 Books from 18 themes = 48 Books
Falling for Romantica - Read 5 Books from 18 themes = 60 Books
Cannot Pull Away Romantica - Read 6 Books from 18 themes = 72 Books
Vexed Romantica - Read 7 Books from 18 themes = 84 Books
Devoted Romantica - Read 8 Books from 18 themes = 96 Books
Morbid Romantica - Read 9 Books from 18 themes = 108 Books