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Book Review... Tracking the Tempest

Tracking the Tempest:
Jane True #2

By:  Nicole Peeler
Concoction of a Review:
There is snark and laughter from page one.  I read the first, Tempest Rising, a while back... Mad Scientist thinks in Jan/Feb and just loved it.  Thus far the second in the series is following in suit quit nicely.  *rubs hand together*  Yes!  Quit nicely.  I can also let you know that this book full of Jane antics did not let the Mad Scientist down.  Nicole Peeler has a way with writing.  Fun yet complex.  I wonder if that is how she likes her men?  *Waggles eyebrow*  

*Gasps*  Nicole you have my little old mind on Vampires & Barghest oh my!!

Our naughty little half-selkie Jane True was meeting up with her over protect hot "vampire" boyfriend Ryu for little Valentine's Day body intertwinement.  I am most certainly not the only naughty one here!  However, her sexy weekend with her buff controlling, overprotective Ry fizzled when she got caught up in the middle of one of his paranormal detective cases.  My dear Jane your weekend was scorched but I promise I can take care of him!  *evil grin amasses my face*

Jane attempts to stay out of harms way and sadly away from the arms of her lover by heading back to her cozy town, Rockabill.  Silly name but it grows on you.  She went back to her boring routine of a life.  Working at the bookstore, taking care of her father, & training to create mage balls.  Ladies!  I said MAGE balls... let us stay on track here.   At any rate, with her pitiful attempts at hiding Conleth the psycho serial killer found her!  

This dangerous fact ends up to be wonderful for the reader.  Jane is thrust into Boston out of her comfort zone.  Slapped right in the middle where all the supernatural nonsense is hitting the paranormal fan I just imagined in my mind.  Thus we get to meet new wonderful characters!!  It was especially fun to meet Ryu's deputies... lackeys you call them now a days?  *smirks & blushes*  Do not find yourself surprised when you read about the "man" who does not wear any pants!  

Ryu can be delicious in a certain way.  I did twitch a few times at those certain moments where he is tainted with selfishness.  Makes me cringe when the overprotective self righteous men spring out at you from under the ultra hotness.  Ladies there is a reason he is sooo old and single!!

Oddly enough the Barghest had me drooling.  *wink wink*  Oh, that was a horrid pun to use on behalf of my dear Anyan.  This paranormal species is a shape shifting dog that knows how to cook and has more power then he knows what to do with.  Now I would like to help him use some of that pent up power in the bedroom!!  *blushes profusely*  Ah, that would be wondrous.  *gaps*  Mad Scientist would just like to quote a certain fellow bookie as she would call this character, "Sex on a Stick!!"

Here is how I picture Anyan:  As Eric Bana...

The Mad Scientist admits she fell in love with this boy when she first watched Troy but with his long hair and scruffy face makes him the perfect Anyan!!

**Side Note:  Mad Scientist is a tad jealous of Jane for getting to take a bite out of that backside in book one!!**

Overall, Tracking the Tempest was a great read.  I got to picture this man for well over 300 pages!  Crazy one liners had me laughing out to myself, insane plot twists kept my brain busy & there were sexy romps to be had!  I never wanted to put this book down!

*I received this book free of charge from my sassy friend Jen!  My Mad review is completely honest and full of my thoughts on the book and the very yummy men inside. *

5 Blasts
A whole new fantasy world that you are sure to enjoy!  New races, huge killer frogs, & a hero on a quest for a magic word!

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